Saturday, August 23, 2014

4 More Weeks!

Well I am down to 4 weeks until my due date! Thank goodness cause I'm ready to meet our little girl. I am at 36 weeks and will now start seeing my doctor every week until the baby comes. I am hoping that since I will have something going on each week that it will help the time go by a bit faster. At my last doctors appointment I found out that our little girl is measuring about a week big so maybe she will come a week early(or sooner!!)! I would be more than ok with that! Other than that there really isn't much new in our lives. We have the baby's room all ready so we are ready for her to come! The closer and closer we get to the due date the more excited we get. I had a wonderful baby shower thrown by my sister Jill and friend (adopted sister) Mary. I had so many wonderful friends and family show up that I felt very loved and knew that my little girl was loved just as much. At the baby shower everyone joked about how after the baby comes I wont get any sleep. I don't know what they were talking about, cause I'm not getting much sleep now. Between heartburn and waking up to switch sides every hour I think I average 5-6 solid hours of sleep. However many times, including last night, it is much less than that. Oh well I suppose its just helping me get ready for sleepless nights. I really shouldn't complain, I have had a very healthy, easy pregnancy thus far and I know that I have been blessed. Anyhoo, here are some pictures of the baby's room!
33 Weeks 

She already has 25+ cute headbands and lots of cute bows!

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