Sunday, June 30, 2013

Going, going, gone...

This is how our summer has been feeling, and it has only just begun! We have been one busy family the past couple of weeks but we have really enjoyed all that we have done. So I figured it was about time to catch up on what we have been up to that.

Finally Made It!
A couple of weeks ago on the 14th of June we went up to Wallowa Lake and camped for the night. We took Ethan's little sister Morgan with us. Ethan had decided he wanted to try and hike up to Ice Lake in a day so we figured that I would need someone to keep me company. We went up on Friday afternoon and just enjoyed the evening. The camp ground was packed with people but it was still very nice. We didn't do tons on Friday night, mainly just relaxed. However, at 5:30 am I drove Ethan and Bow to the trail head so that they could start the hike. While they were gone Morgan and I just hung out. We first made breakfast and picked up camp. Then we decided to go look around at the tourist shops that are up there. We then played a round of mini golf. It was a very cute golf course and was fun, however Morgan wiped the floor with me. I haven't figured out how but I'm sure she cheated or something :). After we were done playing we decided to just hang out by the lake. We relaxed until about 1 when we got a call from Ethan saying that he was back at the trail head. He hiked 18 miles in about 7.5 hours it was pretty darn fast. And man was he wiped out. And so was little Bow. We decided to head down towards Joseph and take a look at the shops there. Then we had a great lunch at R&R. We headed home after that. We hadn't even gone 2 miles out of Joseph before Bow was out. She was one tired little puppy. Ethan made it much longer than I expected him to before he fell asleep. As tired as we all were when we got home we really had a lot of fun.
Ice Lake

Mirror Lake
                                                 The following week Ethan and I celebrated  our 1 year anniversary! I can't believe it has been a year already! It went by so fast. But to celebrate we went up to the Cabin to spend the weekend. It was a little rainy all weekend but it was still very nice. We got up there on Thursday afternoon and just relaxed for a while then hiked up to Mirror Lake. We had done that hike about year or so before, but at that time it was still covered in snow which made the hike a bit more challenging for me. But this time it was nice and clear and much more enjoyable for me. It was amazing to see how different it looked not being covered in snow. It was over cast but when we got up to the lake it was still very pretty to see. Friday Ethan and Bow went back up that trail to do a little fishing. They didn't catch anything but Ethan still said he had fun and he got lots of bites. Later that day we went on another hike. (apparently we are a hiking family). It was on a the Ramona Falls hike. We had also done this hike last year when we were on our honeymoon, but it's such a pretty hike that we wanted to do it again. The only thing that wasn't as nice is that it was over cast and the year before had been beautiful and sunny. But we still enjoyed ourselves. When we got to the falls we had a little lunch that we packed and then headed back down. I always enjoy going down so much more than up ;). Saturday was our anniversary! And it was beautiful and sunny!! We spent the first part just relaxing. Then we headed down to Gresham which is about a 45 minute drive from the cabin. On the way down we go through a little town called Sandy. And this is where the fun began. To give a little background, I have been bugging Ethan for the past year about getting me a wedding band to go with my engagement ring since he didn't buy a bridal set. Which is just fine, I just really wanted a band to go with it. Well he had promised me that we would do some looking while we were in Gresham. Well as we were going through Sandy, Ethan asked if I wanted to go look at rings at Fred Meyer. So we did. I figured we were just looking and weren't actually going to buy anything. We spent about 5 minutes or so looking at and trying on different bands when I found one that I really liked. I told Ethan that I liked it, and I figured that we would just keep doing some shopping. Well Ethan surprised me by saying "Ok, lets buy it." I was just shocked! But very surprised and happy that he would want to buy me my wedding band. And he had one very happy wife! After that we just spent the rest of the day in Gresham and enjoyed the time together. It was a wonderful anniversary.
My Engagement and Wedding band

Well so far that has been our summer, but we have so much more going on this next month! Next week I will be heading up to girls camp, which has come way too soon! I'm not quite ready, yikes! But I will have to be though I guess. Anyway, I will try to keep up to date as our summer continues. We have a lot more fun things planned and we are looking forward to each one of them. Happy Summer!