Monday, April 21, 2014

Our Growing Family

Well our little family is growing! Ethan and I found out that we were expecting at the very  beginning of January, and it was the best late Christmas present that we could ever ask for. With news that exciting we couldn't hold it in for very long. We told both of our parents first then waited a while and began to tell family members after the first doctors appointment. At 12 weeks along we had our first ultrasound. It was Amazing!! We got to see the baby's head, it's little arms and legs, and right as the ultrasound tech was taking one of the pictures we got to see it's little leg kick. We were both in awe as we got to see the little human being growing inside of me. I am still in a little shock that I'm pregnant. Besides feeling a little nauseous here and there and being incredibly tired, I have been feeling pretty good. I am now in my second trimester and am feeling much better and not nearly as tired, in fact I would say that I have most of my energy back. In about a month we will be able to find out if we are having a little boy or a little girl. We will love and be excited for whatever we are having (but we are both kinda hoping for a little boy). We feel so blessed that our family is growing and that we get to become parents. Yes we are also scared to death a little. But our excitement out weighs that fear. Little baby Hill will be joining us September 18, 2014. Well at least that's the due date we'll see when he really comes. :-)

12 weeks on left 14 weeks on right