Wednesday, July 23, 2014

8 weeks and counting!!!

In 8 short weeks, mine and Ethan's lives will forever be changed. We are so excited to welcome our little girl into the world! It is getting closer but I really just wish that time would speed up a lot! Anyway here is a break down of what we have been up to for the past couple of months.
In mid June I graduated from Blue Mountain Community College in the Dental Assisting program, and was able to graduate with honors. (YAY!) I was also able to pass the last couple of board test and now I am just waiting for my certificates to be mailed to me so that I am no longer thinking and stressing over what I still need to do. I really did enjoy my time in the program but was so ready to be done.
Around the same time Ethan and I found out that we would be able to move into our own place! We are, and will always be, grateful to my parents for allowing us to live with them for almost a whole year. We are so lucky to have such wonderful parents. As grateful as we are to them, we were excited to get into our own place and start getting things ready for baby girl. The really cool thing is that we have been able to fix our place up (which is still in progress) and in fixing it up we have been able to choose paint colors, carpet, and what not. So really it has become our own little place.
It took Bow a little while to get used to a new place and I still think that she feels more at home at mom and dad's. Oh well she will just have to adjust.
For the 4th of July we were able to go up to Wallowa Lake with my family for a family reunion. We had so much fun. It was really fun to watch all the grandkids play together. Ethan and Mitch took the time on Saturday of that week to climb up to Ice Lake and then on to the Matterhorn. Ethan was able to get some amazing pictures from being up that high. He absolutely loved it. And they are now trying to find another ginormous mountain to climb.

I had the opportunity to go to girls camp again this year but on the ward level. Unfortunately I was unable to stay the whole week. The Wednesday of camp was so hot, and I was unable to cool off. I have never seen my feet and ankles get that big before. I was drinking water so much that I'm pretty sure that before noon I had over 100oz. It just got to be too much for me. So after about 4 hours of fighting with myself about whether or not I should stay, I decided that I need to  be home. I called Ethan and told him what was going on and as soon as I got off the phone with him I instantly felt like that was what I need to do. I felt bad that I was leaving the girls in my ward, but it felt so good to get into an air conditioned car!
And that pretty much brings us to now. Ethan has been super busy at work. With how hot it has been they have been getting a lot of calls from people saying that their AC isn't working for one reason or another. So in order to get their house cool Ethan gets to be really hot working outside. I am so proud that I have a husband whose not afraid to work no matter how hot it is. However, he is enjoying the cooler weather this week. And so am I! It has been so hot lately that we have had to have our swamp cooler on full blast all day long. Poor Ethan doesn't think that it needs to be as cool as I do, so I am always reminding him that our little girl is making sure I stay nice and warm. Normally I would be fine at 70 degrees but now I find it way too hot. I have noticed many times at night that Ethan will have the blankets pulled all the way up to his chin and I am laying on top of them trying to cool off. Thankfully he doesn't complain and lets me get as comfortable as I can.

Yesterday I was able to work on the baby's dresser I think it turned out super cute! Now I have a place to put all the cute clothes she has already gotten and focus on getting the rest of her room ready. I just really really want it to be september already!
Bow getting used to protecting her little girl. 
My Cousin Courtney and I at our other cousin's Wedding reception.
Courtney is about 4 weeks  a head of me. 
24 Weeks 
31 Weeks